Dogs Display Mad “Barkour” Abilities as They Run and Jump for a Ball Hanging in a Tree

A pair of amazingly athletic Belgian Malinois show us they have impressive “barkour” skills in this video where they take turns leaping at a ball hanging in a tree.

In the video, the dogs actually run up the side of the tree and make a grab for a tennis ball swinging from a branch. The dogs are using the trunk of the tree to launch themselves at the ball. Eventually one of the dogs manages to catch it in its mouth. They both appear to be quite proud of themselves for finally pulling down the ball. Very impressive!

Parkour is a physical challenge to navigate environmental obstacles by climbing, jumping and running. Skills like balance, endurance and creativity are used as much as strength and coordination. When dogs are put to the test, it is sometimes called “barkour.” There’s even an organization of participating dog owners called the International Dog Parkour Association.

These particular dogs are of the Belgian Malinois breed, a herding dog known for being hardworking, intelligent and confident–all traits good for learning parkour. They also live to please their owners with whom they share an unbreakable bond.

Check this video out!

I mean… damn! Those are some impressive skills!

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