Don’t Want to Wear Heels on Your Wedding Day? Converse Has Your Back.

Image Credit: Converse

I am not a girl who loves wearing heels most days. And, inspired by Annie on Father of the Bride, I even wore sneakers on my wedding day!

They were just regular shoes with ribbons for laces (like hers!) but man, as a solid member of Generation X, I would have loved to nab a pair of Chucks made just for the special occasion.


Because let’s be honest, wedding days are loonnnnnng days. They start in the morning and don’t end until the wee hours the following day, and that is just way too long to torture your feet, and according to online research, I’m not alone in thinking tennies are the way to go – brides searching for personalized wedding sneakers have increased by 61% in just the last year.

“Regular” brides aren’t alone, either. Celebrity brides like Hailey Bieber and Serena Williams also chose comfort over heels on their big days, and looked fabulous doing it.


Enter Converse and their instantly popular line of wedding sneakers!

There are all sorts of options, like glitter, pearls, sequins, lace, flowers, or just all white or all black classic styles – something for everyone’s taste, I think!

Oh, but my favorite? These white shoes that are business on top and all rainbow party on the bottom. I am seriously swooning.

Image Credit: Converse

The shoes are also able to be customized with embroidery and personalize texts of your choice.

If classic Chuck Taylors aren’t your style, the company also offers wedding Dr. Martens, which will definitely kick your rock-n-roll style up a notch. You can customize these, too, and people have come up with some pretty killer looks so far.


There are more options, like shoes that are made from 100% recycled polyester and shoes for grooms, groomsmen, and bridesmaids, so everyone will be strutting up and down the aisle in style.

Whatever your plans or look for the big day, it would seem that Converse has you covered.

Seriously, even if you want to wear cute or sexy heels during the ceremony and for pictures, why would you not want to ditch them for the party and dancing portion of the evening?

I say we do, and that this idea from Converse is going to be super popular for years to come.