DQ Combines Cotton Candy and Ice Cream Into One Dipped Dream Cone

Photo Credit: Instagram

Step aside, Blizzard. There’s a new ice cream treat at Dairy Queen and we want some.

Added to an already delectable menu of parfaits and sundaes, the new kid on the menu is a ice cream cone dipped in a cotton candy flavored shell. It’s similar to the chocolate and butterscotch dips, but it’s beautifully blue in color and deliciously cotton candy in taste.


So many times, something that is rumored to be coming ends up failing in marketing and we are left with nothing but our unceasing  disappointment. But after months of hearing about the cotton candy dipped ice cream cone, we’re seeing a flurry of social media posts where people are in physical possession of the dreamy dessert.


The cotton candy dip is available for a limited time, so you mustn’t dilly-dally. If you aren’t in a major market, be patient. It’ll be added to your local DQ’s menu soon.

It’s exciting news to be sure.


Why we haven’t decided to dip our ice cream in cotton candy before now is impossible to say. We’re just glad that we’ve come to our senses and can indulge our taste pleasures to the highest levels.

It’s going to be a fantastic Spring.