Taylor Swift Got Drunk, Here Are 10 Memes People Shared About It


It takes a lot for a meme to rise out of the pool of just okay, you’ll forget about them tomorrow, masses, but this drunk Taylor Swift meme absolutely deserves to be in the spotlight.

And not just, you know, because everything Taylor Swift is awesome without trying.

The meme was born after Taylor hosted a party to celebrate the VMA nominations for “Me!” and “You Need To Calm Down!,” at which everyone seemed to really be, well, enjoying their booze.

People are really hitting the pictures out of the park, but the 10 below are some of my favs!

10. How many fingers am I holding up?


9. Totes.

8. Idk is it the same as my number of fingers?


7. Honestly sober Taylor probably does, too.

6. Girl same.

5. Rightfully so.

4. Good thing she’s cute.

3. So many Taylors.

2. Seems right.


1. Priceless.


Taylor, please never ever change.