This Dude Sent His Mom a Photo of His Girlfriend…Then Realized What He Forgot to Put Away


Let this story be a lesson to everyone. Be very, very, very, very careful about the photos you send to your mother. Examine every angle and corner of each picture and make sure you don’t overlook anything…like Maison Vallance did.

Notice anything in that photo that he might have overlooked before he sent a photo to Mommy Dearest? Because one of Maison’s friends did. Uh oh.

Photo Credit: Twitter,b_tuss

Maison soon realized the error of his ways.

But it was too late. The damage had been done and Mother would never be the same. And Twitter users felt the urge to weigh in, with some sharing their own humiliating experiences.

Photo Credit: Twitter,JaredMcneece

Photo Credit: Twitter,reinharttttt

Photo Credit: Twitter,pinksostuckup

Photo Credit: Twitter,DaRomeyRome

Photo Credit: Twitter,ZaviaRising

Let’s hope that’s Maison’s mom can look her son in the eye again soon without either of them blushing…

(h/t: The Chive,Pizza Bottle)

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