You Can Buy ‘Dumpster Fire Candles’ — The Perfect Way To Celebrate 2020

Photo by Dumpster Fire Candles

This year has so far been a complete and total mess. Between the global health crisis, everyone’s economic woes, and the general uncertainty that 2020 has brought, it’s just been pretty rough out there.

But through this fog of doom and gloom, there are those among us who have boldly risen to what might be one of the toughest challenges: keeping everyone’s spirits up. One such person is artist Meredith Schmidt.

Meredith took it upon herself to create Dumpster Fire Candles back in 2016, following an event that she was very disappointed by. She now offers 7 different scented candles that are designed to “represent redemption, letting go, or just some good old-fashioned hatred.”

Dumpster Fire Candles

Meredith also explains that she chose the imagery of a dumpster fire because it is “devastating and funny at the same time, but it seemed dangerous and illegal to blaze a real dumpster.” Happily, these candles will only cost you $18.

Here are the 7 dumper fire candles that Meredith offers:

1. Resting Beach Face

It smells like: “notes of the ocean, orchid, and judgment”

Dumpster Fire Candles - green Resting Beach Face

2. Puff, Puff, Pass.

It smells like: “notes of wood, regret, and leather”

Dumpster Fire Candles - green puff puff pass

3. Table For One

It smells like: “notes of absolutely nothing”

4. You Ruined Christmas

It smells like: “notes of cedar wood, Frasier fir tree and shitty gifts”

5. Coffee and Cigarettes

It smells like: “notes of coffee, smoke and apathy”

6. Namaste Home Tonight

It smells like: “notes of patchouli, amber and binge watching”

7. White Trash

It smells like: “notes of Uncle Randy’s recliner”

Dumpster Fire Candles - white trash

Aren’t those hilarious? Which one would you buy?

Don’t forget to let us know which Dumpster Fire Candle scent is your favorite in the comments!