Book Your Flights Early in the Morning – 4 Reasons Why

Photo Credit: Pexels

The early bird catches the worm, they say. And they also catch the best flights! Forget about sleeping in on your first day of vacation – you have a plane to catch.

I am an early traveler, and I believe in making a smooth travel schedule  (arriving at my hotel in time to enjoy a full day of relaxation is pure bliss). And Travel and Leisure agrees with me. They believe the best time to travel is, you guessed it, in the morning. Here’s why:

Expect fewer delays

Photo Credit: Pexels, Skitterphoto

While most delays start at 8 am and continue to worsen as the day goes on, the early morning flights are usually painless and can get you to your destination scot-free. Why? Excluding weather issues, air traffic is sometimes clogged up with a ‘rush hour,’ making getting into the air difficult. In the morning, all flights from the prior day have already landed, so the blue skies are clear and ready for take-off.

Less turbulence

Are you a nervous flier? Perhaps smoother air will help. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, most thunderstorms occur in the afternoon, from the push of unstable air.

“Thunderstorms are most likely in the spring and summer months and during the afternoon and evening hours…As the air rises, it transfers heat from the surface of the earth to the upper levels of the atmosphere.”

Better deals on tickets

Vacations can be expensive. So rather than giving your extra cash to the airlines, save it up for a zip line excursion. Fare Compare says, “Because fewer people want to take the first flight in the morning, you can often get plane tickets cheap if you are willing to fly then, particularly if you are flexible about your travel dates.”

Skip the crowds

Walking through a quiet airport can be soothing when you arrive at the crack of dawn. Plus the lines at Starbucks are shorter, and you don’t have to fight other people for your morning java! And that pesky TSA security line? Not a problem. With fewer people, your time in line will be a breeze.

So even if you hate waking up early, there are many perks to early flights. Besides, you can sleep on the plane.