Emmett From “Twilight” Carried Around a Bag of Hard-Boiled Eggs and It Took All of Us 12 Years to Notice

There are some things so incredibly bizarre that they fly totally over your head the first time you see them.

For your own sake, your brain just radically accepts whatever you’re looking at as completely normal. To do otherwise would mean that you’ve suddenly got to rationalize the irrational – and that’s never any fun.

That’s exactly what happened to all of us Twilight fans. It apparently took us 12 years to realize that Emmett was carrying around a bag of hard-boiled eggs for lunch.

This just might be the greatest Twilight meme of all time.

TikTok user Sassimoosed pointed out the crazy prop choice in the first movie.


it took a global quarantine for this secret to come out ???? #MoreHappyDenimDance #NicerToMe #HiddenGems #UnitedWeDance

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The crazy thing is, it’s not a small bag either.

There are legitimately at least half a dozen eggs in that bag.

You can clearly see the sheer amount of protein packed in the twitter post that started it all.

Listen, there is a world where this makes perfect sense. Emmett is not only a vampire – he’s also a pretty beefy dude. He needs tons of calories. Plus, he’s a vegetarian vampire.

When I was a vegetarian, I remember I had to eat like six whole squashes and five apples to feel like I was full.

Maybe his 80+ years of being a vampire helped him discover that eggs are the superior form of sustenance.

This twitter user seems to think so.

All of that info doesn’t make it any less weird. Like seriously – a dozen eggs? Just being carried around in a bag? Any kid who did that at my high school would be bullied.

Well, that’s definitely one way to plant an easter egg in a movie.

So, what’s your take on Emmett’s bag of eggs? Let us know in the comments below!