Employee Claps Back at Boss With State Laws About Payroll

Bad bosses are a dime a dozen, unfortunately. Not everyone goes through all the proper training to be a leader or a manager, especially if they start their own business. Startups may not even have a proper HR department until they grow large enough to require one.

But one boss really took it too far when she suggested something totally illegal to one of her employees. And it was all captured in writing.

You can read the full saga below, which the disgruntled employee posted online.

It started with an email from the boss explaining that the employee’s overtime had been calculated incorrectly. The kicker? The company overpaid the employee, and now they want their money back. To the tune of almost $250, which is no small chunk of change!

Here’s the setup…

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The employee wisely researched state laws on payroll, explaining them to the boss in a follow-up email:

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And here is the boss’s response:

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She added more details in the body and the comments of the post, including how awful her boss is:

“Last year my dog passed. I asked for the day off. She said no. I asked to get off an hour early to go to my son’s school performance. She said no. In three years I have never asked for a single vacation. For the entire first year she didn’t pay us for travel or breaks. She didn’t backpay anybody what she owed them per the law.

She has a lawyer, she isn’t just ignorant to the law. When I first started she had everyone signing an illegal contract which required them to pay $500 if they quit within one year. She isn’t allowed to use that contract anymore so she changed it to one where we repay the $150 licensing fee if we quit within one year of our license renewal.

The licenses are due annually, so no matter what when you quit you pay $150. And she just implemented a policy that limits us to 12 medical appointments per year.”

The Imgur user went on to add that she’s getting a new job with much better benefits and a much better boss. We’re so glad she was able to get out of such a crummy situation!

Have you ever had to correct your boss or HR department on something illegal?

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