Encouraging Photos Show How the Fire Ravaged Australian Bush Is Already Coming Back

Photo Credit: Murray Lowe, Facebook

As fires continue to rage throughout Australia, two photographers on the New South Wales Central Coast have taken some hopeful images of rejuvenation.

Mary Voorwinde and a friend saw how one ravaged area was already showing signs of new growth in Kulnura, New South Wales.

Fires came within miles of Voorwinde’s own Central Coast home, so the discovery inspired her to take her camera into the woods where she took some fantastic images of flowers growing around burnt tree trunks. Then she shared the images to show her fellow Australians and others that new life had arrived.

Another photographer, Murray Lowe, also saw young flowers and plants emerging through the char. He posted his shots on Facebook, to the amazement of tens of thousands of users. “Life bursts forth after the fires…,” he wrote.

His photos have been liked more than 28,000 times with over 6,000 shares. Just when things seem so bleak, colors come back to brighten the scene.

“Nature at it’s best after a severe scorching…”

So many commented too, joyful at seeing such pretty flowers. “Amazing,” people wrote.

These areas were likely among the first to burn so regrowth at this point is entirely possible. Unfortunately, fires are still burning and destroying forestland, and though greenery may grow back, animals killed in the flames will never come back. And for species that are already vulnerable, this may be the final straw. We just don’t know.

But we can see a little bit of the future – and it certainly looking green.