People Are Making Jokes About ‘Murder Hornets’ Because At This Point We Have To Laugh At The Chaos

©Wikimedia Commons

Is it possible for 2020 to get even worse? Millions of people are out of work, we’re not allowed to leave our houses, the news is filled with terrible stories every single night…

Oh, wait, here’s something else you can worry about now! MURDER HORNETS HAVE NOW ENTERED THE UNITED STATES.

Yes, you read that correctly. The deadly Asian hornet is here and they threaten to wipe out the honeybee population (and they kill up to 50 people a year in Japan). Man…I think we could all use a break from shitty world events for a while…but I guess we’ll have to keep waiting.

At least we can have some laughs, right?!?!

Here are some funny tweets about those damn murder hornets…hopefully, they’re not here to stay…

1. Thanks for the tip.

Hey, it might save your life one day…

2. Let’s really mess with everyone.

Can we please get a break? Please?

3. Sounds like it’ll be very soon.

Keep your fingers crossed.

4. They haven’t been charged with a crime…yet.

Lawyers are always doing this, aren’t they?

5. What’s next?

Can we really top this?

6. You need to chill, 2020.

For realz…it’s not cool anymore.

7. God is really…playing God right now.

Which I guess is in his job description.

8. It’s everywhere right now.

But hopefully, it won’t invade your area…

9. What else can we add to the list?

Giant robots with laser beams on their heads?

10. They’re very fine people, actually.

I’ve known them all my life.

11. I’ll show you how.

Is this all part of a big HOAX?

12. Can’t wait to tell the grandkids about it!

Back in my day…

13. What an elitist.

Always have to be a one-upper, don’t you?

What else could possibly go wrong this year?

Talk to us in the comments and brainstorm about how things can get even worse! This will be a fun experiment in despair and terror!

Good luck out there!