People Are Sharing Their Before And After Photos Of Power Washing


Ahhhhh. Power washing is so satisfying, isn’t it?

You attack a greasy, grimy, dirty surface with that high-powered water cannon, and BAM, everything seems right in the world again.

At least that’s how I feel when I do it.

Enjoy these before and after power washing pics. I have a feeling you will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

1. Lookin’ good!

My parents patio hadn’t been washed in years. Got around to borrowing a washer and used one for the first time. from powerwashingporn

2. You can say that again.

So. Damn. Satysfing. from powerwashingporn

3. Nailed it!

Scored this for $50 so spent 10 minutes on it with 3100psi! from powerwashingporn

4. What lies beneath.

I power washed this rug left behind by the old home owners. I had no idea the design was this intricate. from powerwashingporn

5. I love the results, too.

Love results like this, especially in 2 hrs total time from powerwashingporn

6. I think he’s convinced.

Customer wanted a "test spot" to convince husband powerwashing needed to be done. from powerwashingporn

7. Yes, you did!

I did a thing. from powerwashingporn

8. I told you it’s satisfying!

One of the most satisfying jobs I’ve done in the past. from powerwashingporn

9. All that grime is gone.

First wash since moving in. So satisfying! from powerwashingporn

10. All cemeteries should do this at some point.

Here’s some marble circa 1881 for you guys. from powerwashingporn

Do you have some epic power washing photos?

Share them with us in the comments! We can’t get enough!