People Are Sharing Their Before And After Photos Of Power Washing


Ahhhhh. Power washing is so satisfying, isn’t it?

You attack a greasy, grimy, dirty surface with that high-powered water cannon, and BAM, everything seems right in the world again.

At least that’s how I feel when I do it.

Enjoy these before and after power washing pics. I have a feeling you will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

1. Lookin’ good!

My parents patio hadn’t been washed in years. Got around to borrowing a washer and used one for the first time.
byu/senorspicystein inpowerwashingporn

2. You can say that again.

So. Damn. Satysfing.
by inpowerwashingporn

3. Nailed it!

Scored this for $50 so spent 10 minutes on it with 3100psi!
byu/Unemployed321 inpowerwashingporn

4. What lies beneath.


5. I love the results, too.

Love results like this, especially in 2 hrs total time
byu/xTeo212x inpowerwashingporn

6. I think he’s convinced.

Customer wanted a “test spot” to convince husband powerwashing needed to be done.
byu/PrettyFly4Wifi inpowerwashingporn

7. Yes, you did!

I did a thing.
byu/GregTheHandyman inpowerwashingporn

8. I told you it’s satisfying!

One of the most satisfying jobs I’ve done in the past.
byu/27KatieLady inpowerwashingporn

9. All that grime is gone.

First wash since moving in. So satisfying!
byu/MaddieEsquire inpowerwashingporn

10. All cemeteries should do this at some point.

Here’s some marble circa 1881 for you guys.
byu/penisbuffet inpowerwashingporn

Do you have some epic power washing photos?

Share them with us in the comments! We can’t get enough!