Enormous Carving of a Lion Is the World’s Largest Redwood Sculpture

Image Credit: Twitter

There are so many cool things out there in the world, you’d never be able to see them all in one lifetime. And incredible projects like this are one reason to not just chuck the entire dumpster fire of the internet; now everyone around the world gets to see this gorgeous sculpture of a roaring, redwood lion.

The Oriental Lion, which stands in the Wuhan (yes, that Wuhan) city square, was carved from a single redwood tree trunk over the span of 3 years. The central figure in its design and execution was architect Dengding Rui Yao, though he was assisted by more than 20 people.

The piece of art is 47.5 feet long, 16.5 feet high, and 13 feet wide – the largest sculpture of its kind anywhere in the world. Once finished, the lion was transported over 3000 miles to its place in Wuhan’s Fortune Plaza Times Square.

Lions play a significant role in traditional Chinese culture; when Buddhism spread from India to China, it brought the lion along for the ride. The animals are seen as protectors, and can be found decorating the gates, doors, and other entrances of imperial palaces, restaurants, hotels, and private residences all across the country.

Symbol or not, this guy is beautiful. I could stare at him for days.

I have no idea how people do any of this, honestly, because my hands are good for nothing artistic expect making words into a story.

I’m sure glad there are folks out there who not only can, but do.