Marie Kondo Admits Tidying up Is Tough with Kids

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Marie Kondo became an overnight sensation after she taught the world the joy of keeping a neat environment.

Her distinctive tidying method resulted in best-selling books and a TV series. And you’d think that parents of all people would yearn for a less messy environment. But the question has to be asked: is it even possible to keep a tidy home even with toddlers in the house?

Kondo recently let it slip that the answer is a solid no. Lol.

Now a mother of two, Kondo made it known that she was frustrated about how being a mom made it so more difficult to keep her home as tidy as she’d like.

But the author and organizer didn’t let that deter her from writing a book for children. She told Parents,

“After I had my daughters, I wanted to write a children’s book about friendship that would also share the joy of tidying with young readers.”

Parents of the world will rejoice at the fact that Marie Kondo understands how hard it is to keep one’s home organized. Her interviewer for the Parents article reported that “when she became a mom of two, she says she didn’t even have the energy for her own favorite tidying tips.” Which, let’s be honest, seems about right.

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When the tidying gets tough, the tough get tidying.

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So there you have it. Even professional organizers can’t keep up with their toddlers.

Wanna vent about what it’s like to try to keep up with your toddlers? Share below! If Marie Kondo can understand you, so can we.