These Rare Orchids Look Exactly Like Monkeys’ Faces And Are Fun To Have In Your Garden

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Orchids are beautiful and low-maintenance. There’s also a lot of variety in the orchid plant family because there are approximately 30,000 types of orchids.

With so many variations in just one plant, something is bound to look different. Nature has a sense of humor, there happens to be a rare type of orchid that looks like it has a monkey’s face.

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Name: Orchid simia 'monkey orchid' ? Beautiful ???: @keroshita_kerori

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Called Orchid simia or Dracula Simia (monkey dragon), this type of orchid is native to Peru and Ecuador. They grow best in forests that are between 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level—quite the hike!

Botanist Carlyle A. Lueren gave the flower its name in 1978. It has distinctive features because its petals and stamens meet to give the flower its unique shape.

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??Monkey Orchid?? Scientific Name : Dracula saulii This #orchid resembles a monkey’s face and hence the name. The #flower is white on the inside with a brown band on the outside. It grows mainly in cold weather. The orchid genus Dracula, abbreviated as Drac in horticultural trade, consists of 118 species native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. #nature #monkeyorchid #draculasaulii

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The Monkey Orchid can grow at any time of the year as long as it’s located in its place of origin. About half of this subspecies of orchids can be found in Ecuador, but they also thrive in Central America, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

Growing these orchids is hard in places outside of these regions. That’s because they do best in conditions resembling the cloudy forests that comprise their natural habitat. Humidity is between 70 to 100% in these areas, and that’s the best environment for these beautiful orchids.

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Orchid lovers now have one more reason to improve their gardening skills or head out to Ecuador! This orchid species is a challenge to grow outside of its natural habitat.

Do you know about any other interesting flowers that resemble cute animals?

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