Everyone Loves the Hero Rescue Dog in Mexico Who Has Saved Over 50 People


There’s a new national hero in Mexico, and she walks on all fours and likes scratches behind her ears. Meet Frida, a 6-year-old rescue dog with the Mexican navy.

After the recent deadly earthquake in Mexico that claimed nearly 350 lives, Frida has become a symbol of hope and strength. The pooch has been credited with saving over 50 lives in previous disasters in Honduras, Ecuador, and Haiti

Frida wears a special outfit for a reason. The goggles protect her eyes from smoke and debris, and her boots protect her paws while she digs and walks across rough terrain.

Photo Credit: Twitter, dog_rates

People across the Internet have fallen in love with Frida.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Sukihii

Frida’s fame has landed her likeness on a really cool pin for sale. All proceeds from the sales go to the Mexican Red Cross. Buy one! Or two!

Photo Credit: Instagram, twnpns

h/t: Distractify