Experience Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater” in this Beautiful 3D Tour

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

In Pennsylvania, a beautiful house sits on top of a waterfall. The house is called Fallingwater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935, and it’s an architectural marvel.

The private residence was built for Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr., of Pittsburgh, as a family getaway and cost $155,000. Wright’s fee was $8,000.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Each year, thousands of people from around the world visit the house to experience Wright’s vision, but there is another way to tour Fallingwater from anywhere you are.

Animator Cristobal Vila created a 3D video showing the famous home’s unique construction.

Set to dramatic music composed by Bedrich Smetana, the short video uses computer generated imagery to reconstruct the house from the waterfall up, revealing the cantilevers comprising the terraces and balconies.

Then we take flight, in and around the entire building, and over the adjoining grounds.

Fallingwater is among the collection noted as a World Heritage Site called The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

Decades after his death in 1959, his signature Prairie Style still holds as a hallmark of 20th century home design.

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