Man Pulls a 32-Foot Tapeworm out of His Buttocks

Image Credit: Instagram

File Under: Things that might discourage you from eating for some time (yay, diet?).

And yes, there are pictures, so please be prepared, brace yourself, and know that you’ve been warned.

Okay? Here we go.

The day began as normal for 44-year-old Kritsada Ratprachoom: he dropped his kid off at school, then headed home to do his “morning chores,” as my grandfather called his bowel movements.

He had settled onto the pot when he began to feel as if something just wasn’t right. As he explained to Khaosod and the Metro:

“I had just finished dropping my child off at school and ran some errands when I had to go number two. Afterward, I felt like I wasn’t finished defecating, like something was left. So I got up to see what it was. Turns out there was something sticking out of my bottom.”

He kept tugging and pulling until he’d extracted an entire 9.7-meter (32 foot) tapeworm.

Tapeworms are parasites that can live in the intestinal tracts of animals – including humans, obviously. They are contracted by grazing on contaminated pasture, drinking contaminated water, or eating undercooked, contaminated meat.

His girlfriend, a nursing assistant, identified it for him (and presumably told him to get his ass to a doctor).

Then, he did something that I beg of you to never, ever do should you find yourself in this situation – he shared photos of the thing on Facebook.

Tapeworms were more of a problem for people before running water and waste sanitation really took off, and, although they are horrifying, they usually don’t cause too many medical issues if left to their own devices.

You would likely experience diarrhea, tummy pains, perhaps some weight loss and vomiting. Real trouble can ensue if the worm migrated to more vital organs, like the brain or liver.

So, there you go. Photographic evidence.

I really am sorry that none of us are going to be able to eat Pad Thai again, but you were warned.