Eye-Opening Thread on the Real Dangers of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Image Credit: Pexels/Twitter

Pretty much every article about how to feel better, feel healthier, and generally enjoy your life more contains the advice to get enough sleep. Not just enough, either, but good sleep.

While there will be periods in our lives when this is all but impossible for one reason or another (like a new baby), it really should be a priority for every last one of us

This Twitter thread explains why, especially now, it’s so important.

Number one? Your health! Current health crisis aside, chronic sleep deprivation can affect Alzheimer’s chances, the development of pre-diabetes, and wreck your immune system.

Your arteries and your waistline could suffer.

It could put your mental health at risk, too.

And if you’re already struggling, not getting enough sleep could make it all that much worse.

Not only that, but it could affect the people around you negatively, too.

And you’ll experience mood swings that won’t be fun for anyone.

If you are or have a young adult in your house, sleep is doubly important, and too many of them don’t get enough.

Sleep deprivation could also predispose young people to addiction.

And yeah, there’s a reason it’s used as a torture device.

So, do your best in these trying times, my friends. There are many things we can let slide, and things we can course correct later, but taking the chance to catch some extra zzzz’s when you can is never going to hurt.

In fact, if these tweets are right, it could definitely help.