Facebook and Instagram Went Down, so Naturally Twitter Had the Best Jokes


Remember the great Facebook and Instagram blackouts of March 2019? Those were tough times…

So what did everyone do during that worldwide emergency? They got on Twitter to joke about it, of course!

Isn’t social media wonderful?!?!?

Here are some of the best tweets from that infamous and tragic day…

1. The world is on fire

2. She’s not doing well with this

3. That is an evil laugh

4. It’s happening!

5. I’ll be here now

6. Tantrums everywhere

7. Just keep hitting refresh

8. A team effort?

9. Oh hi, Mark

10. It’s getting ugly

11. Pure hatred

12. This is crucial

13. That’s not cool, Cardi B

14. Gotta love Tommy Wiseau

15. That’s what it’s for

How did you deal with this humanitarian crisis?

Stay strong everyone! We’ll get through the next blackout, too!