Fact Snacks!


Anyone can become a troll. Studies show most Internet trolls are otherwise reasonable people who’ve never trolled before. If you’re already in a bad mood when you stumble upon a troll post, you’re twice as likely to turn into a troll yourself, regardless of your history of online behavior. Basically, one person not controlling their cranky can spark a vicious cycle of creating new trolls, who then create even more trolls, who, in turn, continue to multiply like bunnies.
The world’s smallest park is the size of a flower pot and sits in the middle of a Portland, OR, intersection. Mill Ends Park was supposed to be a light pole, but when the pole never showed up, a journalist planted some flowers, wrote leprechaun stories about it, and started calling it ‘the World’s Smallest Park’. 2 years later, it became official: the park was dedicated on St. Paddy’s Day, 1948.