12 Fantastically Funny Memes We Think You’ll Like

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

Funny comes in all shapes and sizes…and in memes! While our ability to move around the world is limited right now, lets sit back for a moment with an iced tea and a good giggle.

Here are 12 to get us started on a new adventure.

1. Dogs make any day brighter.

Give me those dog ears.

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2. This is very sweet.

I’m sure the postman would appreciate it.

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3. Sensory deprivation tank humor.

Didn’t know there was such a thing.

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4. Angelica drove me crazy.

Especially when they went to Paris.

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5. Gotta cut that grass.

And blow all the leaves.

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6. Ouch.

That hurt.

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7. Why does he look terrified?

All he has to do is keep the bus moving at least 50 mph.

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8. You can do this.

Only 8 hours and 45 minutes longer.

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9. You smell delicious?

I want to shred you with a fork and wrap you in a tortilla?

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10. But please give me your opinion.

I’ll take your critiques like a (crying, screaming) professional.

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11. Every single time.

Then it crumbles.

When you drop a chip / popcorn kernel

12. Oh, how cute!

You can see their little eyes and feet. Hi there!

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Laughing at these memes was almost a tropical vacation.

To keep this well-rested feeling as long as humanly possible, hydrate and meditate throughout the day.

Also share this post with anyone who looks like they need to get away from it all before they go bananas too.