The (Possibly) True Story of the Fastest Moving Manmade Object Ever That’s (Probably) in Space (Maybe)

Science nerds are some of the best people, mostly because they usually have an innate curiosity about how the world works, and they love exploring new questions and ideas.

Recently, one person wondered what the record for the fastest-moving manmade object is… and then decided to research the topic until they found the answer.

Because why not? It can be really fun to dig around online and in books until you fully understand a topic or event.

It turns out the fastest object is a manhole cover that was launched via nuclear detonation, and that manhole cover can travel very, very quickly.

You might not even believe just how fast it can go!

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

Funnily enough, the manhole cover was traveling at such a high speed that it didn’t get caught in our orbit, which means it’s still out there.

It’s pretty wild to imagine that a manhole cover is just rocketing around in space, probably getting faster and faster in the process.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this thing was moving really, really fast.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

Like… super fast. It’s impossible to overstate this fact.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

In fact, it’s going to so fast that one person theorized it could even anger some aliens if they encounter it.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

It is pretty amazing to think that such an everyday item could be launched into space and travel that quickly!

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