Father Wants to Know if Counting His Chicken Bits at KFC Makes Him a “Karen”

We all get a little crazy sometimes. We say and do things in the heat of the moment that embarrass the people we’re with, and when they tell us as much later, we can reflect on the experience and realize they were right and we took it too far.

Other times, though, we look back and think “no, I wasn’t being crazy, I was right to do it.”

This dad ordered (and paid for) a 24-piece bucket of chicken. He counted the pieces as they went in, and there were only 21.

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When he told the employee, they insisted they had counted right. When the manager backed up their employer, this “Karen” counted out each piece.

There were only 21.

The manager apologized and gave them the missing pieces, plus 3 more.

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His daughter and other children were mortified that he would make such a stink about 3 pieces of chicken, but his wife is on his side.

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People on the internet weighed in, of course, and I’m guessing age is going to be a factor in this one.

This person pointed out that simply asking for what you paid for shouldn’t make you a “Karen.”

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It sounds as if he handled it very calmly, and actually wasn’t being dramatic at all.

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NO ONE likes to get home with food only to find you’re missing something, or didn’t get what you ordered. So disappointing!

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This would have been an effective way to teach a lesson.

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If you’re out to enjoy a meal, you should actually enjoy it, right?

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I’m with the commenters here – and that goes double because, as OP pointed out, he probably would have been the one missing out, not the kids.

When you’re ordering just enough to cover, it had better all be there (especially with teenagers at home).

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