14 People Who Went Way Too Far Trying to Prove They Were Tough

It’s an old joke, right, the jock who goes around daring people to punch him in the stomach?  It’s funny, maybe because it’s true – some people will stop at nothing to prove just how tough they are.

And while they usually do the craziest things when they’re kids, sometimes you can watch adults go to some pretty funny lengths too.

14. Yet he didn’t think that sounded too stupid.

Refuse to say the word “selfie.

Dude called it a “selfos” because “selfie” sounded too girly.

13. I’m guessing this didn’t work out.

This one kid at my old school ate a bee to prove he wasn’t scared of them.

12. That’s disgusting.

Get branded

Fraternities do it, my ex has 2 brands on his pelvis and one on his chest. His frat bro has 24, including his tongue.

Others find out too late that they don’t scare like normal they keloid. Which is like a bubbly looking scar tissue growing over where the brand was supposed to be.

He had to have surgery to remove it, turned green & puss-filled while healing and left with huge ugly scars.

11. Or smart people.

Knew a dude who said “oven mitts are for pussies” and then proceeded to grab a hot pizza tray out of the oven bare handed.

10. I’m stunned by the things people snort.

I once knew a person who in college (that’s UK college not US college), who would legit snort anything that people dared him to snort just to see their effects on him.

List of things he snorted off the top of my head and salt, pepper, sugar, cookie crumbs, basically any spice in dust form people could get their hands on, various liquids, and pretyy much anything else you could crumble up.

Worse out of all of them weirdly for him was the cookie crumbs. Dude looked like he was gonna die after snorting those.

9. Did he ever actually admit it, though?

Jump off a balcony onto an uneven, rocky hillside.

The first time he did it, he only got a few scrapes. Second time, he broke his leg and wouldn’t admit he needed medical attention until 24 hours later when he passed out from the pain.

8. A match made in heaven.

I remember a tourist local fought a crocodile once to get a girl’s number. He lost, but somehow the girl still agreed to a date.

7. A lazy man’s load.

Coming from a server. Man literally said he didnt need or want help. (maybe he didnt want to share the tip? Who knows bro) anyway, carried 15 drinks on one tray with TWO full coffee pots and broke every single glass.

Did not see that man after that shift. Tried to do this all with one hand

6. What a charmer.

Lie and brag about sexual conquests. Seems really silly the older you get and doesn’t reflect well in a long term relationship. Sometimes that’ll fall into the weird virgin-whore complex with sexual relationships.

It’s even more embarrassing when it’s all fibs, as if that’s all that matters in a partnership but whatevs.

5. Florida man?

Try to ‘ride’ an alligator.

4. There are no winners here.

Purposefully get kicked in the nuts.

I remember when I was in college, frat boys played this game called Rochambeau, where two guys squared off, and each took a turn kicking the other in the nuts. Whoever lasted the longest, “won”.

3. This is a terrible idea.

Shoot a bottle rocket out of his a$s crack.

2. Don’t start something you can’t finish.

I’ve worked as a bouncer. Drinking too much and picking a fight with me is waaaaay too common. And really stupid.

They end up pepper sprayed and handcuffed, waiting for the police. Real manly looking.

1. Maybe he just wanted to get out of the army.

I knew of a dude in the Army that dangled his testicles over a fireant hill in Ft Benning Georgia. Those fire ants will kill a mouse or a lizard instantly.

He was hospitalized for a long time and did not finish training with us.

These are just hilarious, in a sort of sad way?

Have you ever watched someone like this? Tell us your funniest story in the comments!