FedEx Driver Tearfully Recalls Being Called a Racial Slur While Delivering Packages

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Apparently even FedEx drivers face racism on the job. At least, that’s the case for one Ohio deliveryman.

Brandon Brackins has become a household name after he posted a video describing an unfortunate incident in which he was called the n-word by a man while he was removing packages from his FedEx truck.

The 23-year-old posted the video on Facebook and it has since gone viral.

According to Brackins, the incident occurred on June 10 in the town of Lisbon, which is located about 25 miles south of Youngstown. The FedEx driver was in the middle of taking packages out of his truck when a man sped past and nearly hit him with his car.

That wasn’t even the worst part. Brackins tearfully explained that the man not only spat on him but also called him the n-word.

Of course, the incident occurred during a time where people around the country are protesting against racism. For Brackins, the encounter made him question everything that’s going on.

“Why? Why so much hate? Why so much hate?…

I think it’s a lot worse than a lot of people think. Racism is live…

If any of you ever had to fuc*in’ experience racism firsthand…”

Unfortunately for Brackins, his story probably isn’t unique. There are simply too many similar ones of people using racial slurs to degrade someone. The 23-year-old did receive an outpouring of support from Facebook users.

However, until society wakes up and realizes that this is a real problem, he probably won’t be the last person to post a heartbreaking video like that.

Have you ever witnessed someone using a racial slur? How did you handle the situation?

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