Feeling a Bit Down? These Funny Posts Will Give You a Boost!

©Unsplash,Christin Noelle

Alright, my friends, it’s time to take things in a positive direction.

The world has been on fire for the last few months and it’s been hard to maintain a good attitude but that’s exactly what we’re gonna do today: we’re gonna turn it around!

And we’re gonna do it with funny social media posts!

Because they really are the cure-all for our problems right now.

So, are you ready to turn that frown upside down?

Then let’s get it on!

1. He’s pretty smart!

Now you’ll have to show him who’s the boss.

2. Those liners really are amazing.

I’m a huge fan, too!

3. Here’s a nice tweet for you.

Just let it sink in…

4. This has been a big positive.

I think we can all agree on that, right?

5. I’m not sure you want that…

Doesn’t sound like a happy ending…

6. Who wants some cheese?

Might be a little bit moldy…

7. Yes! I love that song!

But I’m sure the cops weren’t too thrilled…

8. I love geometry humor.

Check your grammar before hitting SEND, people…

9. That’s a good reason.

You might be there for a while…

10. That’s a good thing!

Wear a mask and keep those hands clean!

11. Pay attention, fellas.

No unsolicited pics of your “you-know-what.”


12. That kid is a genius.

And you’re learning a lot!

Now that’s the big energy boost I think all of us needed today!

Now we want you to get involved in the fun!

In the comments, share something that you think will make us laugh!

Anything works: a meme, a tweet, a joke, a photo, anything!

Please and thank you!