Feeling Blue? Try Some of These 17 Cheering Suggestions.

There’s no way to go through life and not feel blue once in a while, unless you’re some kind of pod person, or in total denial of your human emotions. Even though it happens to everyone, and sometimes it’s okay to just sit with it for awhile, eventually we search for ways to bring the cheer.

If you’re there, but not sure how to get out of your funk, try some of these 17 suggestions on for size.

17. Probably super healthy.

I don’t try to cheer myself up at all.

I just let the sadness run its course.

16. Nothing wrong with a good cry.

It’s healthy to have a cry and you’re allowed to feel your emotions, but it’s also so important to talk with close people or a doctor who can help you with a mental health plan (QLD, Aus). It’s also really important to take time out for yourself whether it’s a shower and washing your hair, or going for a wonder/drive.

Jim Carrey said “I believe depression is legitimate. But I also believe that if you don’t exercise, eat nutritious food, get sunlight, get enough sleep, consume positive material, surround yourself with support, then you aren’t giving yourself a fighting chance.”

This is something use to remind myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed I need to take a step back and do all of those things (one step at a time) to feel better and get on with it. I’m a single mum with a toddler (who I share care of with his father – now divorced).

I make sure I key in some me-time while he’s at his father’s house and get off the lounge.

15. Don’t make it too hard.

You can’t be depressed if you’re asleep.

Used this a few times and definitely isn’t a LPT, but I like that analogy you’ve got. Humans are basically very simple and being well fed, hydrated and rested are a good place to start with anything that’s getting you down.

Then the more complex things like exercise and being social also do important bits.

14. Don’t forget the french fries.

Oh I know this one, drugs and alcohol.

13. Engage your brain.

I like to just find a puzzle of some kind and try to solve it.

I guess for other, this means doing something low stakes without lots of time or efforts required that genuinely gives you a little momentary sense of shit I’m an actually half intelligent human who can actually accomplish something.

I’ve asked a NSFW friend about this exact question and they invented a way to masturbate that increases the stimulation while also giving you finer control to edge yourself longer.

People have different things that make them happy.

I will say try to avoid eating high sugar items or buying extremely expensive things wen feeling down because it leads to a sugar crash or a credit score crash.

12. It might work some days.

Get on Reddit and talk to all of you wonderful people.

11. Because cats.

It’s my mission to find as many cat subreddits as I can.

When I get grumpy I spend a few min scrolling through here and it’s mostly filled with cute kitties doing ridiculous things 😀

10. Scientifically proven.

Being outside.

Doesn’t matter why, or how long. A few minutes outside is usually a good thing for me.

Enjoying the nice weather, the view, how busy or quiet the area is. It’s the little things.

9. Baking is so soothing.

Stardew Valley with Great British Bake Off on in the background.

I was just mentioning that GBBO makes me happy!

Pretty scenery, baking, I love the hosts, and I love how the contestants always have each other’s backs.

8. You don’t even have to be good at it.

Play music.

I love Rock & Metal so guitar solo’s usually do the trick.

7. Push yourself.

One of the hardest times in my life was also when the insanity workouts became really popular.

6 days a week of pushing yourself as hard as you can for almost an hour will really go a long way to mood stabilization.

6. As long as they give consent.

I have three cats. They’re my babies, my cuddle buddies, and my biggest support system.

Sometimes I’ll be stressed out with school work and my three legged cat will just come limping over to me, give me a sad little meow and collapse on the rug so I can come rub him.

They know when I’m upset, and few things can help me more than when a cat comes and plops down on my lap so I can give them head rubs!

5. Just do it.

Honestly I think the best advice is to use whatever you can to motivate you, whether it’s “healthy” or “unhealthy”.

Want to workout for health and happiness? Awesome.

Want to workout to be the hottest possible version of yourself? Dope.

Want to workout so you won’t feel bad about yourself when you’re standing next to that skinny bitch in accounting while you’re stuffing your face full of donuts? Sick.

Do whatever you need to get your body moving.

4. Make sure to put on your comfy pants first.

I eat comfort food.

Then cookies….cookies always make me happy.

Then I hope that I don’t get sad anymore because I am on the last hole on my belt.

3. Another tool in the box.

Sometimes depression can literally hinder your body’s ability to produce chemicals that allow you to feel joy.

Fake smiling can help your body to begin producing those again and pave the way for you to feel joy in the true sense in the future. It’s a very helpful tool.

2. Get creative.

Personally, I draw or read.

1. Grab a journal.

Writing how I feel usually helps me a lot. I’m not the kind of person who openly talks about my own emotions, so writing is like a tool to make everything much simpler. I feel lighter after doing that and then I can read from a new perspective.

I think it’s incredibly important to acknowledge our ‘negative’ emotions, and give ourselves time to sit in them for a bit. There’s often a reason for them, and if there isn’t – that’s ok too. Sometimes it’s ok to feel sad for no reason, it’s a perfectly normal human emotion.

I think sometimes people get too hung up on always being positive, happy souls, and hide from the emotions they feel. So yep, I’m right there with you. I’ll sit and experience and prod that emotion for a bit, even encourage it with some sad songs or reliving other sad memories, until I understand what’s really getting me down, or feel better.

I think some of these sound like they’re great suggestions!

Do you have a favorite way to get happy? Drop it in the comments!