First Grader’s Response to an Alphabet Puzzle Is Deeply Profound


Kids today, huh? When I was in first grade, I don’t think I had anything deep or meaningful rattling around in my head. In fact, I spent most of time eating crayons and paste. But not this youngster. A teacher named Bret Turner shared an interaction he had recently with one of his first graders. Turner posed this little riddle, which was supposed to be a fun exercise for his students.

Photo Credit: Twitter, bretjturner

Turner had no idea what he was in store for. One of his students answered with quite a heavy response.

Photo Credit: Twitter, bretjturner

Turner continued with the story.

Photo Credit: Twitter, bretjturner

The tweet got a huge response, and Turner contemplated telling his students that it went viral.

Photo Credit: Twitter, bretjturner

Other Twitter users weighed in on the student and the unusual answer.

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Photo Credit: Twitter, Pochassic

Next time anyone says kids don’t have anything to say, pay closer attention.