Flight Attendants Share Disturbing Secrets That Most Passengers Don’t Know About

Every industry has its secrets, and the airlines are no exception.

And, like most industries, what actually goes on behind the scenes would probably shock a lot of us who don’t really put a whole lot of thought into it. We get on the plane, fall asleep for a few hours, and then we’re in a brand new city.

But there’s a lot more to it than that…and some of it is pretty disturbing.

Here’s what flight attendants had to say on AskReddit.

1. Bodies.

“We send full bodies on planes a lot. Some in caskets, some not.

Twice in the 7 years I’ve been doing this has “fluid” leaked out of the boxes the bodies are in and got all over the luggage.”

2. It’ll be fine.

“They won’t tell you if one of the engines fail cause they’ll technically be fine without it.

Edit: People seem to question this, but it’s true for some airlines. Depends on which airline you’re using.”

3. Avoid the water.

“When getting drinks, try to avoid coffee, tea, or tap water, basically anything that uses water from the plane’s water tanks.

Only go for the bottled juice or soda or other drinks from a can or bottle.”

4. I did not know that!

“Don’t use wipes or hand sanitizer on the trays/seats.

You’re destroying the fire retardant.”

5. Well, that’s disgusting.

“Those little headphone you get (and buy, on some airlines) are just repurposed from previous flights.

Sometimes you’ll get little bits of ear wax in them (blankets and pillows are also just washed and returned, I’ve found holes glued back together in business class blankets).”

6. That’s a comforting thought.

“The seatbelt is just to keep your corpse attached to the seat for body identification.”

7. Dirty business.

“None of the aircraft we serviced EVER got a full cleaning.

If you’re flying to/from Calgary on a US carrier, you’re SOL if you want a clean aircraft.

You’re much better off flying Air Canada or WestJet from here, because WestJet’s home base is here, and this is a major hub for Air Canada.”

8. Wow.

“I’ve been told if passengers are unruly they will “depressurize” the aircraft so the interior is “at a higher altitude.”

Most interior cabins are pressurized to 6000 ft when at cruising. Pilots can change it to 11,000 feet.

A 4000 ft elevation change in a matter of seconds can make most people docile and sleepy from the change in oxygen density.”

9. I keep hearing this…

“The tray tables are gross.

Can’t even remember how many times I’ve seen babies changed on them, people puke on them, people bleed on them . . . They’re supposed to be cleaned nightly, but I wouldn’t put food directly on them.

Nope nope nope!”

10. Don’t even try it.

“Don’t drink your own alcohol. It’s a federal crime.

If I see it, I’m going to take it and cut you off from buying any more from us.

If you’re annoying about it, I will have you arrested when we get there. You don’t want that.”

11. Don’t tell me that!

“The first class passengers get the better air.


12. I kind of don’t want to fly anymore…

“Had a captain, we called him ‘Captain Clink’ as he was always drunk, he fell asleep all the time, even once in a reception area of a hotel for hours.

Also two gay crew members raiding the mini bar and having a good old time in the front bathrooms. Things going on down route say down route rule. Which I was surprised covered drug taking, cross dressing, shocking s*xual encounters, several walks of shame and women with families having regular affairs.

Lastly several crew members stir the tea and coffee with the same spoon then leave it in the dirty sink to go crusty then just put it away for next time never washing it.”

13. The bathroom situation.

“Not sure how it is in other places, but the toilets were never genuinely “deep cleaned”.

Bins were changed, mirrors wiped down, toilet paper and toilet seat covers filled up, but real, proper cleaning?

Let’s just say…do your best to touch nothing. It’s god d*mn feral in there. The spray used to “clean” was super diluted. Our supervisor made a joke that you could drink it like water and you’d be fine.

People would wipe their actual sh*t on the walls, vomit everywhere and make a general mess. Obviously, that was cleaned up, but it was not appropriately sanitized like you would want a plane toilet to be.

Do not, under any circumstances put your food directly on the food trays. Those sprays were also used to wipe the little tables. Again, it was heavily diluted and probably didn’t actually “clean” the tables how it should have.

In fact, just wear a hazmat suit.”

14. Pay attention.

“It is nearly impossible for turbulence to crash a plane (even the bad stuff). Turbulence is only dangerous because of things flying around the cabin and that includes people not wearing seat belts.

Most accidents happen at take off and landing that’s why we make you do all of those things before take off and landing.”

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