Florida Man Parks Car in Kitchen so It Doesn’t Blow Away in Hurricane Dorian

Photo Credit: Facebook

Today in Florida Man news, a man in Florida parked his car in his kitchen to protect it from Hurricane Dorian. And also just because, well, he can.

Patrick Eldridge lives in Jacksonville, a city that just narrowly escaped the path of Hurricane Dorian this week. While preparing for the storm, Patrick and his wife Jessica discussed what to do with their vehicles. Jessica’s car was parked in the garage, and, to avoid having to clean the rest of the garage to make room for Patrick’s car, he suggested parking it inside the house. He wanted to make sure it didn’t “blow away” and also to prove that he can.

This is a Smart car, so it’s significantly smaller than a regular car. But still, Jessica didn’t believe that it would fit.

“I said there was no way he could. He said he could,” Jessica said. “So he opened the double doors and had it in. I was amazed that it could fit. He had it in with no problems.”

Patrick neatly parked the car inside the kitchen on top of a rug to protect the floor.

Surprisingly, Jessica says that the car isn’t even really in the way. She was able to maneuver around it to cook and serve dinner. However, it’s still a nuisance.

“I’m hoping he will pull it out pretty soon once the wind dies down,” she said. “There is room and it’s not in the way but my dogs are confused by it.”

Yeah, I would be, too.