If you’re any average human with a soul, then heartwarming stories are your achilles heel. Artists like Frank Ocean have the ability to trigger all the feels.

Well, prepare yourself for another world of angst, yearning, love, and heartbreak. One Twitter user celebrated Frank’s birthday by initiating a major throwback moment by sharing the letter that Frank wrote to his younger self back in 2011.

If you’re a total masochist who likes hurting their own feelings for fun, scroll through for more.

Image Credit: boredpanda

Man, did somebody just cut up some onions? I’m starting to feel a little heat around my tear ducts… No biggie.

It’s just that his letter perfectly describes the journey of a hardworking artist whose hard work finally paid off. Not like that’s totally the most heartwarming and inspirational thing I’ve seen in months or anything. Alright, time to drop the facade; this letter is 100% a tear-jerker.

The rest of the Twitter-verse obviously agreed, given these super warm and affectionate responses to this oh-my-god-so-preciously-feel-good letter.

Image Credit: boredpanda

Yeah man, seriously – somebody open up a window in here. We’re all dying.

Image Credit: boredpanda

I can feel my heart just about to burst with love. Look at everybody coming out in droves to celebrate Frank and his massive success.

Image Credit: boredpanda

This user is absolutely on point here. If we all just hang in there, things will get better. Let this be a moment of inspiration to all you aspiring artists out there: don’t you ever give up. The right opportunities are just around the corner.

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