“Friends” Simian Star Marcel Is Still a Hard Working Monkey

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If you’re a fan of the television show Friends (and most of us are, even if you, like I, have realized how problematic some/all of it is in the current culture), then you likely remember Ross’s monkey Marcel.

Marcel made an exit from the show when he wouldn’t stop humping stuff, and Ross realized that monkeys aren’t exactly ideal pets.

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Marcel the Monkey will be returning to the Small Screen on the upcoming Ys The Last Man as Ampersand and yes she's alive and also yes Marcel is a Female #friends #marcelthemonkey #comic #comics #comicbook #comicbooks #vertigocomics #ythelastman #briankvaughan #yorickbrown #agent355 #allisonmann #ampersand #nerd #geek #instageek #instanerd

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In real life, Marcel is a girl monkey – a white-headed capuchin named Katie – and for her, unlike Gunther, there was life after Friends.

Katie’s worked off and on over the years, and she actually just recently landed a part on FX’s upcoming Y: The Last Man (based on a graphic novel), so as long as new showrunners don’t decide to cut the character, she’ll be returning to television this year.

Capuchin monkeys can live to be 40, and since Katie’s trainer assures us she’s not even 30 yet, she has plenty of time to beef up her resume.

Chances are we’ll be treated to more Marcel – er, Katie – onscreen in the future.