Funny (and Accurate) Posts About How Much We All Want to Travel Right Now

I understand that this might seem like a petty complaint, given how awful the world is right now and how many people are going through real and sometimes deadly hardships.

But, you have to admit, it would be nice to get out of town right about now and go on a trip somewhere without having to worry about catching an airborne virus, wouldn’t it?

I know that I’d personally love to get on a plane and jet off to an island in the Caribbean or to the west coast for a week. But, we all have to be patient and be mindful of our own health and the wellbeing of those around us.

So, in the meantime, we can daydream about faraway places and hope that this thing ends sooner than later so we can all get out of town for a while.

Here are some posts about how much we miss traveling these days.

1. That’s a bold statement.

It ain’t cheap!

2. I see a boat on the water.

Am I right?


3. Decisions, decisions…

Well, this part of the house looks kind of exciting.


4. I hear you, my friend.

That does sound amazing, though…

5. I will never disrespect you ever again.

I know what I did was wrong!


6. Now I’m crying, too.

We’re all crying!


7. What happens in Vegas…

Well, you know the rest.

8. People are getting desperate.

Hop on!


9. This will have to do.

Isn’t this exciting, kids?!?!


10. You’ve probably seen all of these by now…

Over and over again.

11. Take a trip!

To your laundry room…


12. I like this.

It’s so true, right?

13. Don’t know what you got til it’s gone.

It’s very true…

14. I’ll be on the PAT.

In case you need me…

As soon as all this mess is over and done with, where do you want to travel to first?

Talk to us in the comments!

And please stay safe and healthy out there!