Funny Husband Gets Creative Texting His Lady Titillating Photos

Image Credit: Facebook

Being online as a woman can be exhausting. Everyone wants something, and if they don’t want something from you, then they want to send something to you. And absolutely none of that business is attractive or appealing.

If you’re wearying of those unwanted pics from men (you know the ones) or requests for images you definitely don’t have the right lighting (or maturity level) to even think about sending, well…you and your significant other might want to start taking notes from Michael Oonk. Cause he’s got this all figured out in a way that we think will satisfy everyone.

He took some “enticing” pictures for his girlfriend, and you know…they prove that it is possible for men to understand women!


The internet prefers to call it choreplay.

He’s vaccuuming, he’s doing the dishes…

Boyfriends everywhere should be taking notes!

If they were, there would be a lot more sexy evenings in the cards, let me tell you. Cause when the chores are done and the house is both clean and tidy, well…

At that point there’s basically nothing else to do aside from getting down and dirty.

Just not too dirty – don’t want to mess up all those sparkling surfaces!