11 Memes That’ll Make You Laugh This Morning

Yet again, it’s a brand new day. What joy! If you are looking for a laugh this morning, you’ve come to the right place.

These hilarious memes will make you cackle over your morning coffee. But be careful: some of these are so laugh-out-loud funny that you’ll be in danger of spilling your cup.

In fact, why don’t you go ahead and brew a second cup? It’s time to linger.

1. It’ll definitely happen tomorrow, though.

It’s probably better for the pan, anyway.

2. Maybe a little bit of both?

There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, who doesn’t love a solid routine? Your brain has to appreciate it.

3. As if it’s even a contest.

*Throws money at the barista.*

4. Hey, this is actually really clever.

The angle! The curve! The fluffy deliciousness!

5. There’s only one thing better…

… and it’s actual cookie dough.

6. She’s no fun at all.

Don’t even get her started about the kids down the street who ride bikes on her front lawn.

7. Hope the world is ready!

Why do we say “breakdown” like it’s always a bad thing?

8. One day it’ll be an Olympic sport.

Truly the sporting event of the times.

9. Everything falls apart at exactly the right moment.

There is a larger plan! Probably!

10. Every single month.

No one has time for buyer’s remorse.

11. Kids these days will *never* understand.

The joy! The agony!

Now, go forth and have a wonderful day! These funny memes will hopefully stay with you throughout it all.

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