13 Times People on NextDoor Got a Little Too Real in Their Posts

NextDoor is a social networking site for people who live in the same neighborhood. The site often contains a treasure trove of bizarre content, with people complaining about nearly everything their neighbors are doing.

Where you live dictates what you will see on your own NextDoor, but there are a few themes: 1) everyone hates fireworks, 2) people are really suspicious of others, and 3) everyone really hates fireworks.

Posts on NextDoor are often pretty neighborly, with people introducing themselves and the like.

Sometimes, if you’re very lucky, the posts veer into the surreal.

These 13 times people on NextDoor were a little too real will have you laughing the rest of the day.

1. Know your flags.

Seriously, that’s not even the right one.

2. NextDoor isn’t really for that.

Can you imagine opening up the site and seeing this?!

3. That’s some good family drama.

Out of the will and everything!

4. Don’t be such a Karen.

Yeah, Karen. It’s not necessary.

5. Legitimately disgusting.

How do you even know for sure that’s what’s happening?

6. So much learning.

So glad all those statues are around to teach us.

7. Repeat: it’s not a dating site!

Keep your backdoor pounding to yourselves!

8. Oops.

Hope she figured it out before she got too far down the road.

9. How dare you let your kid be a kid?

Don’t know you know that adults also live here?

10. Just… wow.

I wonder if Chris ended up calling the cops?

11. Wait a second here.

Can you train your cat to be a pickpocket? Asking for a friend.

12. So neighborly.

So very kind.

13. Was it just one person?

The possibilities are endless.

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