Funny Tweets From People Who Don’t Even Know What Day It Is

©Unsplash,soheyl dehghani

Are you having a hard time remembering what freakin’ day it is anymore?

I mean, seriously…we’re basically living in Groundhog Day and it’s hard to tell it it’s Monday or Friday or any day in between.

Here are some funny tweets from folks who are in the same boat as you.

1. It’s all a blur.

Where am I? Who are you?

2. Great job!

…What was the point of that, again?

3. Like I said, Groundhog Day.

Do you wake up to “I Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher every morning?

4. At least you’re getting some sleep.

You probably don’t even have to set an alarm anymore.

5. Where am I? Who am I?

We’re all heading into the void.

6. A little family fun.

At least this is bringing some families closer together.

7. The days of the week will now be called…

Do you have all that straight?

8. Not a bad system.

What day are we on, now?

9. It’s a fun game we can all play!

Man, we’re really getting desperate.

10. You gotta keep that routine up.

No days off in the beauty game.

11. It kinds of feels like a Saturday…

But, who the hell knows, right?

12. Okay, class, today is…never mind…

Even the teachers have lost all sense of time.

13. We could all use a stiff drink.

And keep ’em coming!

I think today is Saturday, but I’m really not sure, to be honest with you…

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