Galapagos Batfish Look Like Those Old Ladies Who Shop at Sephora and It’s Adorable

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

There is a fish on this planet that looks like an elderly woman in a lipstick aisle, and it’s about 50% horrifying and 50% adorable.

The red-lipped batfish lives around the Galapagos Islands and off the coast of Peru. The fish are famous for their bright red, pouty lips. They’re a favorite among divers who frequent the area, and it’s hard to believe that the pictures aren’t just after shots of divers having applied lipstick to the fish underwater. Cause…well, just look.

Scientists believe that the red pout helps the fish to attract mates.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Hilariously, the batfish also appears to be frowning, as if it’s perpetually yelling at a Sephora employee for not having its favorite lipstick in stock.

It’s not entirely surprising that a fish like this would exist in the Galapagos. The islands are a hotspot of weird evolutionary adaptations. They boast the highest number of unique plant and animal species on Earth.

And the red-lipped batfish has other weird adaptations to its name. For example, they aren’t the smoothest swimmers, so they use their fins to “walk” across the ocean floor instead.

Also, the batfish is a member of the anglerfish family. As such, they use their horn-like nose as a fishing pole to attract prey.

That explains the frowny face. The red-lipped batfish is just bored and hungry. Relatable!