‘Game of Thrones’ Accidentally Left a Starbucks Cup in a Scene and the World Turned Upside Down


Season 8, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones will forever live in infamy among the show’s legions of fans. Because of a major death or a huge reveal, you might ask? No, because someone forgot to remove a Starbucks cup from a scene and it ended up in the episode on HBO. Sad!

You would think the people working on a show that spends $15 MILLION on each episode wouldn’t overlook something like that, but here we are.

The cup was seen on the table in front of GOT actress Emilia Clarke, and, naturally, it set off a firestorm of comments and debate on social media.

People debated the cup’s legitimacy.


But others knew the truth.

And the jokes started rolling in!




HBO did eventually respond to all the hoopla and admitted their mistake, but claimed it was not Starbucks, for the record.

And Starbucks had to weigh in as well.

A worldwide fiasco, to be sure…maybe next week we’ll see a to-go bag from White Castle?