Get a Jump on the Holidays By Grabbing this Hallmark Channel “Monopoly” Game

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I know, I know, we just survived one holiday season. The last thing you want to do is be reminded that another one is already on the way, right?

Well, in the spirit of getting a jump on things and having fun, wintertime game nights to look forward to, Hallmark is offering a holiday-themed version of Monopoly for all of you cozy, romance-minded Christmas movie fanatics – and I know there are plenty of you lurking about!

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If that’s you, you can go ahead and sort your Christmas Eve family gathering plans now, because this board game is about as magical as it gets.

Every single aspect of the traditional Monopoly game, from the collectible tokens to the enter board, is Hallmark-themed.

Instead of Boardwalk and Park Place, you’ll find destinations like a Christmas tree farm, Mistletoe Mountain, and a Tinsel Toy Shop. Instead of those dirty, boring railroads, expect to find fun modes of transportation like horse drawn carriages, instead.

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Even the money is playing along!

It’s emblazoned with the network’s white dog mascot, red scarf and all, and you can use it to splurge on a honeymoon hideaway, or maybe you’ll decide to do good and help the town preserve their gazebo, instead.

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And get this: you should definitely grab it now, because the board actually features distinct motifs from all four seasons, so you can actually use it any time you want.

As if you weren’t going to anyway.

What do you think about this game? Think it would be perfect for your aunt or mom?

Let us know if you’re grabbing one! Tell us in the comments!