Get Lost in the Black Hole of ‘Paperclips,’ a New, Addictive Browser Game


Looking for another online game to help you avoid work and potentially take up hours and hours of your precious time? Then you should probably check out Paperclips, a new game that people are quickly finding out is extremely addictive.

Photo Credit: Twitter, flantz

The concept is pretty simple. You are an artificial intelligence creator who makes paper clips with the ultimate goal of taking over the world. Sounds easy enough, but people all over the world are finding out that the game quickly becomes an obsession, and they can’t stop playing.

Photo Credit: Twitter, waxpancake

Game designer Frank Lantz said, ““I’ve always been interested in incremental games. I played one called Kittens Game that I really loved, and I wanted to make something like that, with lots of complex overlapping systems, only smaller and more focused. Also, I’ve been following the debate about AI safety with a lot of interest, and I thought that this would be a perfect theme for a clicker game. After all, when you play a game like this it gives you direct, first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a disembodied intelligence that is ruthlessly pursuing an arbitrary goal.”

Photo Credit: Twitter, flantz

Online, people are weighing in about the addictive nature of Paperclips.

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Why don’t you go try out the game for yourself? We’ll see you in about a month when you stop playing, okay?

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