Get Ready for the Live Action Little Mermaid with This Amazing Fan Art

Photo Credit: Twitter

Disney’s decision to cast Halle Bailey as the next Little Mermaid has certainly made waves. If you haven’t heard of her, Bailey is half of the singing group Chloe x Halle and a star of Grown-ish. Although some fans don’t seem to be able to cope with Bailey’s casting, many more are embracing Disney’s casting choice, and they’re showing their love through some amazing art.

For example, there’s this adorable sketch:

And this outstanding work of digital art:

And this elegant portrait:

And this gorgeous, realistic portrait, complete with tail:

And this one, which celebrates my personal favorite Little Mermaid song:


And this rendering of an iconic scene from the original film, which was tweeted out by Bailey herself:


I love that a new generation of little girls are going to see themselves represented on screen. Here’s to Bailey’s success!