Get Wasted with Your Pup – There’s a Beer Specifically Designed for Your Furry Best Friend


I don’t know about your city, but I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it seems like all I see around every corner is people at bars and breweries with their dogs. Hey, I’m not complaining, playing with these dogs gives me something to do instead of sitting on a bar stool staring into the void for hours on end. (Children in bars and breweries are another story, in my humble opinion).

Well, I have good news for all you dog AND beer lovers out there. Good Boy Dog Beer is here and it’s brewed specifically for your dogs, so you don’t have to slip them a sip of your Old Style anymore when they won’t stop begging.

Good Boy Dog Beer (obviously non-alcoholic, sorry Fido) was created by a Texas couple named Megan and Steve Long so they could drink with their pooch, Rocky. They’ve turned their hobby into a business, and they now distribute their product throughout East Texas. The Longs skip the fermentation stage of the brewing process, though, because hops and alcohol are poisonous to dogs.

The Long’s line of dog beers has some pretty great names, including Mailman Malt Licker, Session Squirrel, and Crotch Sniffin’ Ale.

Megan Long explained the reason behind their special dog beer. She said Good Boy is for their “love for our own puppies and all the animals out there. Our oldest Rottweiler, Rocky, is very sensitive to foods and allergies so we started creating him his own treats and managing his diet better. It helped his allergy outbreaks significantly and we just seemed to progress from there eventually starting our own line of beer for dogs.”

You read that right, Good Boy Dog Beer might also help settle your dog’s stomach in addition to quenching their thirst. Cheers!


If you want to learn more, check out Good Boy’s Frequently Asked Questions page HERE.

Also, please drink responsibly – duh.