Getting High With Your Spouse Could Reduce Conflict in Your Marriage

Image Credit: Pixabay

Okay, so this might seem like a no-brainer – especially if you had (or have, no judgment) stoner friends, but smoking weed chills people out, even angry spouses!

I feel like more should be said about this topic that speaks to the fact that most people don’t need to smoke pot in order to not be an aggressive, violent a**hole to their partner, but let’s just get to the science first, shall we?

A new study suggests that partners who smoke pot together are more likely to stay together in harmonious relationships, as cannabis has the ability to decrease aggressive tendencies and promote intimacy.


Dr. Jordan Tishler, who has worked as a cannabis specialist for 20+ years, told Fatherly that he wasn’t surprised by the study’s claims.

“I would have predicted exactly what the study found in its broader strokes. I would say that cannabis would decrease the incidence of intimate partner violence.”

This even though past research has generally found the opposite, though those studies were largely conducted on populations already prone to aggression, domestic violence, and used participants with antisocial personality disorders.

This study, by contrast, sought to outline the effects of weed on the previously non-violent married couples, and found that in people with average psyches, cannabis had a positive effect on relationships.

Since the people involved were self-reporting on drug use habits and instances of violence and aggression in their relationship, the study is not without faults, however, and the levels of THC in the marijuana, among other things, could skew results one way or the other.


Tishler is supportive, though claiming that he’s seen low, even infrequent doses help improve sex, intimacy, and overall couple bonds.

“We may be getting reduced anxiety and greater intimacy, which are not the same thing, but it’s not surprising that cannabis helps enhance marriages.”

The researchers and other therapists don’t think that, for married couples without violent or aggressive histories, and where both partners are operating on a relatively even keel, having a smoke together here and there wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Children are most likely to thrive in healthy relationships free of violence and conflict where they can emulate healthy relationships in the future. If a medication can help achieve that goal, I don’t believe it should be shunned based on a societal bias.


There you go – think of the kids! Science is stepping up to the plate once again and giving you the go-ahead to live you best life!

What do you think? Has a quick toke helped out your marriage? Let us know in the comments!