Girl Wonders If She Should Have Waited To Shave Her Head Until After Her Sister’s Wedding?

We all know that weddings can be an emotionally precarious time for everyone involved. Whether you’re the bride, the groom, the parents, or part of the bridal party, people can get completely caught up in the moment to the point where they lose perspective.

That could be what’s happening here, in the case of a maid of honor who shaved her head mere days before the ceremony was set to take place.

It began when our OP (Original Poster) was in an accident that ripped out some chunks of her hair. According to her, it looks terrible and is slightly painful but the damage isn’t permanent.

I (16F) had an accident on monday, I don’t want to be too detailed since it’s so f**king embarrassing but some parts of my hair got stuck and ripped off, this caused me to have some patches in my head and to be honest they’re pretty noticeable.

My head is okay, I barely bleed and the hair will grow back eventually.

She did let her sister know what had happened but admits the photos she sent didn’t do the damage justice.

Because of how bad she thought it looked at the fact that her scalp was itching as it healed, she decided to go and shave her head.

My sister’s (23F) wedding is in two week and I’m the MOH, my parents drove me to the hospital to make sure that everything was fine, I sent her a picture and told her everything but the she couldn’t see how big the patches were and told me to get better.

I was feeling so bad about myself and I asked my dad if I could just shave it cuz it’ll draw less attention, he said yes and we went to the salon that same day.

OP wasn’t too worried, since she’s a girl who loves cosplay and owns several wigs she thought would be ok for the wedding, even if doing her hair the way her sister wanted might be a challenge.

Now, being hairless before my sister’s wedding is obviously a problem, but I’m into cosplay and I own several wings, none of them looks like my natural hair, but I’ve a black one that looks pretty dope on me.

It’s fake hair tho and I’m not really sure if I can do the hair my sister wants me to have at her wedding since she wants me to dye it too.

When her sister saw the new ‘do, though, she went off on a tangent that made the entire situation all about her.

She came today to drop some things and saw my shaved head, she was horrified and asked me why I did it, why I wanted to f**k up her wedding and that I should’ve asked her first.

I said that the patches were big enough to be noticeable and that the remaining hair on my head scratched my injuries making me itch and I only ended up bleeding again.

Now OP is wondering if she should have put her sister’s happiness over her own comfort and waited to shave her head.

She called me Toretto and that I was an AH for what I did.

I’m starting to feel bad because I shaved it for my own comfort and maybe I could’ve waited until the wedding but the itching was horrible and I couldn’t resist.

Also when she called me Toretto I told her that I could attend her wedding as FAMILY and she got angrier for making fun of it.

Does Reddit side with the bride here? The injured OP? Read on to find out!

First of all, the sister is being insensitive, and second, she should know that the wedding is all about the bride!

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You’ve got to think outside the box!

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There were some suggestions on how to assuage the bride’s hurt feelings (if one was so inclined).

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It’s probably better than getting blood all over the dress.

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Being a bride doesn’t mean you can tell people what to do (and not do) with their bodies.

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I mean, this obviously isn’t ideal but I would like to see her have more concern for her sister’s well-being than her wedding photos.

I’m just saying.