Grammar Nerds, It’s Time to Celebrate

If you’ve got an iPhone and have upgraded to iOS10, Apple has a lot of surprises in store for your texting. You can create and send GIFs, send texts from the lock screen, place stickers over your messages, and, yes, correct your friends’ grammar with amazingly obnoxious red-pen stickers.

Guys. I am so excited.


Grammar Snob has given us a sticker app and a new collection of pre-made corrections that address those common mistakes we all hate – you’re vs your, less vs. fewer, and maybe even they’re, there, their. You can now mark up your friends mistakes in every one of their texts, and one day, if we’re very good, maybe we’ll even be able to give out letter grades, too!

So go forth and correct with glee, fellow grammar nerds, until the inevitable day comes – you know, the one when you have no more friends who text you. Or friends at all.

Until then, frolic. It’s totally worth it.