“Gremlins” Writer Chris Columbus Say His Script for “Gremlins 3” Is as “Twisted and Dark as Anything”

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Remember the rules in the 1983 hit movie Gremlins?

1. No bright light.

2. Don’t get them wet.

3. Never feed them after midnight.

Photo Credit: Warners Bros.

Of course, in the film, rules get broken right away and monstrous “gremlins” are unleashed on poor, unsuspecting Kingston Falls.

By the end of the carnage, it’s decided that the main character Billy is not quite ready to be a caretaker.

Then, it starts all over again in New York City in Gremlins 2.

But don’t lose focus now. Gremlins 3 is on the way and writer Chris Columbus says it is as “as twisted and dark as anything, so we’ll see.”

Columbus even went so far as to say he, “wanted to go back to the really twisted sensibility of the first movie.”

Which, yay.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

The premise of the Gremlins 3 script is whether or not Gizmo is at fault for all the trouble the gremlins have caused. You know, all the death and destruction? Columbus thinks it’s a fair question. “Too many people are dying.”

Speaking of death, the original movie, along with Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, prompted the MIAA to create the PG-13 rating.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Columbus also reassured fans minimal CGI will be used. Gremlin action will be through puppets, and CGI will be used only to remove wires and to make the puppeteers lives easier.

Gremlins 3 is under development at Warner Brothers, and, hopefully, soon to be produced.