Guy Asks if He’s Wrong for Telling His Wife That Their Daughter Is More Mature Than Her

No one ever wants to get called out for being immature…especially when it’s your own spouse.

But that’s what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole” page…and now this guy wants to know if he stepped over the line.

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AITA I told wife that 10 y/o daughter was more mature than her?

“My(28M) wife(32F) and I went to an AYCE restaurant today with our 10 y/o daughter.

My wife has this bad habit of ordering too much food at restaurants and then not eating it fully. A lot of the times, the restaurants do not allow doggy bags so the food gets wasted. So I decided to take her to an AYCE today because she’ll be able to take only as much as she wants to eat.

She started piling up a lot of food on her plate. I told her to add lesser portions and finish all the food. She said that she’d finish all the food because she was really hungry. I kept quiet after that. My daughter on the other hand was taking a little of each dish to taste and then deciding which one she wanted more of. I appreciated her for being so mature.

As expected, my wife wasted nearly half of the plate she had so enthusiastically filled and the manager told us we’d have to pay extra for the food wastage. I didn’t want to tell my wife anything at the restaurant so I just paid the bill and we went back home.

After we put our daughter to bed, I told my wife that she acted very immature at the restaurant and our 10 yo daughter had the sense to gauge her own hunger.

My wife told me she was really excited to see so many varieties of food that she liked and she couldn’t control herself.


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