Guy Goes on a Job Interview, Turns out It Was a Date

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Everyone and their mother has an awkward dating story they can share. From people who are totally nervous, boring, uninterested, or on their phone the whole time, there’s unpleasantness to spare!

Of course, you’d never go on a date and think you’re totally at a job interview, right? One guy actually wound up in this strange situation and decided to dish on the details so that the rest of the world avoids this mistake.

To give this guy credit, he’s only 19 years old and confessed that he has a hard time picking up on social cues. He was just minding his own business one day when a seemingly kind customer showed and made what he took to be a job offer.

Check out this poor guy’s Reddit post.

TIFU by going on a date thinking it was a job interview from tifu

The plot twist here is that this young man had the best of intentions, and the “nice customer” with a job offer was being predatory and creepy. He seemed to handle himself quite well considering the situation.

Naturally, Redditors were roaring with laughter.

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Many commenters wanted to know if there was any more to the story. OP obliged…

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Others were sympathetic about this predicament.

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A woman in the same age range as the OP’s suitor also gave him useful advice.

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But let’s get down to brass tacks… she wanted to bang.

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Whew! At least it seems as if this young man was able to stay safe and learn a few lessons. Yes, some Redditors made a snarky comment or two, but some people gave him some tips he could use.

This isn’t the first cringe-worthy date night story we’ll hear, nor will it be the last. Have you ever been on a strange date you’d like to vent about? Comment away and get that moment off your chest!